Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fish Tacos II

I'm not much on repeating recipes with minor changes but I've got to make an exception to the rule. We decided to have fish tacos the other night (using the frozen mahi that we used for blackened fish) but then I thought why not try a little avocado cream that we used with the taco burgers? You remember; a half cup of sour cream, the juice of a key lime and one avocado.
 Blend together and TA DA.
But this time we're gonna add this.
So now we have a chipotle avocado cream. Prepare the fish and the wrap the same way. To build your fish taco smather on the chipotle avocado cream.
Add the fish and some cabbage to taste.
A little jalapeno pepper.
Some Mex cheese if you like and you're done.
How's that for quick, easy and most tasty?

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