Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oyster Roast

Oysters (or as my father used to call them: ersters) are to me one of the better things in life. Most folks either love 'em or they hate 'em. I'm gonna show you how to love 'em. You may think you know every possible way to cook these succulent little bi-valves but until you've tasted them this way, you really have not had them at their best. First you'll need a way to roast them.
An oyster roast is basically a fire box and a piece of steel for the oysters to roast on. But it does not have to be as fancy as the one shown above. I've cooked them on an old car hood sitting on some cinder blocks. Any place that you can build a fire under a piece of steel will work just fine. Now it's time to start the fire. I like to use some newspaper and some fat lighter wood.
 The anticipation is just nerve racking.

While the fire is heating up it's time to get out oyster knives, bowls and condiments. Among the favorites are ketchup, hot pepper vinegar, hot sauce, and melted butter.
You must also have some corn bread or hush puppies to go with your oysters. Here is my 91 year old mother cooking fried corn bread just as she has forever. One of the best tasting things that you will ever put in your mouth. Don't ask her for the recipe 'cause she doesn't have it. She just knows.

 Looks like the fire is about right, think we should try some before everybody else gets here to make sure they're OK?
HELL YEAH! Throw about a half 'a bushel  on.
Now cover with some soaking wet burlap.
After a few short minutes the oysters will start to pop open. If you like 'em juicy now's the time to dig in. Wait a little longer and they will dry out a bit.
There is something about roasting and steaming the oysters at the same time that gives them such a unique flavor. Oh and watch out for that person who has never eaten oysters before. They will reluctantly try one and end up eating more than anybody!
When the kids can start eating oysters faster than you can open them, it's time for them to get their own knife. Usually about the time they're 6 or so.

Time to start another batch.
Yum Yum.


  1. Yum, Yum indeed. These are pure heaven!

  2. Mmmm good. Mary's Dad would have loved this roast. Oysters were one of his favorites. He liked clams but he liked oysters even more....

  3. Mmmm Mmmmm Great stuff!! I've been known to have eaten fifty or more by myself!