Thursday, May 6, 2010


Here is another simple recipe that is most tasty. This can be used for pork shrimp, beef or chicken. This is all that you're going to need for the marinade.
Into a quart size bag add two tablespoons of the olive oil, two tablespoons of the lime juice, four or five cloves of garlic, and a shitpot full of pepper per pound of meat. How much is that you ask. Ten or so good twists of the pepper mill. It's a Southern measurement. We're doing one pound of beef and one pound of chicken so we're doing two bags.
You can use chicken tenders or breasts and any kind of beef cut about 3/8 of an inch thick.
Let that marinate for one half hour or so, any longer and the lime juice will start to cook it. Now for the rest of the filling, pull these guys out.
Chop 'em into strips like this.
And this.
Heat up a little olive oil in a pan.
Add the red onion and pepper to the hot oil.
And saute until caramelized.
While these are cooking discard the marinade and grill the meat until tender but done.
Cut the beef into strips.
And now it's time to put 'em together. You'll want these.
First heat the tortillas. We like to use this with the microwave.
Or as I have seen my Mexican friends do, heat them directly on the burner of a conventional stove top burner.  A dollop of sour cream goes first.
Your favorite meat is next.
Some people like to do two meats.
Add some onions and peppers.
Could you add some jalapenos? 'Course the hale you could. Then finish with some Mexican cheese.
Roll it up and enjoy.


  1. Lucky me, I have the leftovers for lunch today sans tortilla. Is it lunch time yet? Yummm!

  2. I am enjoying the blog more every day. Since I have tasted most of these recipes, it's fun to read the steps from start to finish.