Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos. The two words just don't sound right together until you've put one of these tasty little guys in your pie hole! Now you can use fried or grilled fish but today we're using fried. First you have to go out in the Gulf of Mexico and catch some fish. I know, it's hard work but somebody has to do it. I always take this guy with me to spot the fish. But he ain't worth a crap at keeping the bird nazis away!
Today we have whiting (virginia mullet) and speckled trout to work with but you can use any fresh fish. I couldn't clean fish without my helper. He keeps the snakes and squirrels at bay.
Fillet the fish and cut into smaller pieces.
Now it's time to prep the sauce. This is all you need. Mix the mayo and the chipotle together to your desired taste. The chipotle is more smokey than hot . This mixture is also great for dipping conch fritters or other appetizers.
Now chop up some cabbage.
Now it's time to fry the fish. I know some of you are saying " I'm not frying fish, they always come out greasy!" Well let me show you how to do it so that they're perfect every time. The easiest way is to use a fry pot that lets you control the temperature and a good oil. We use canola.
Preheat the oil to 360 degrees. While your waiting for that to heat up get this out.
This has all of the seasonings in it  that you will need. Pour some of the breader mix into a double paper bag. Add a few of the fish and shake to coat.
Shake off the extra breader mix and place a few of the fish in the fryer. Don't add too many at a time as that will drop the oil temp too much.
The fish will sink to the bottom when you first put them in. When they float back to the top, they're done. Remove to a paper toweled platter.
When all the fish are done it's time to assemble. We like these soft wraps.
Warm your wraps and coat with the chipotle mayo mixture to taste.
 Add the fish and the chopped cabbage and you're all set.
Could you add cheese? Course the hell you could! Turn up the heat with some hot peppers? What ever creams your jeans! Enjoy!

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  1. I never had these but they look interesting and good.