Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff

Here's another easy recipe that is so tasty. We'll start with these.
First, chop the meat into bite size pieces. We used london broil because it was on sale but you could use any cut you like. It's going to cook in the crock pot for a long time.
Into the pot it goes. Add a pinch of salt and a few twists of black pepper.
Add a small chopped onion.
Now a sprig or two of chopped rosemary and a few cloves of garlic. If you like garlic add four or five cloves.
Or a little less if you like.
Pour in the cream of mushroom soup. I rinse the can with a quarter can of water and dump that in also.
Next put in a tablespoon of kitchen bouquet or other browning liquid.
Eight ounces of mushrooms.
Mix it all together gently.
Cover tightly, put the heat on low, and go do something for nine hours or so.
After nine hours or so you're going to need these.
Your mixture should look about like this at this point.
To this add about eight ounces of sour cream.
Chunk up five ounces or so of blue cheese (you could also use gorgonzola).
Add to the pot and mix until cheese has mostly melted.
Let simmer on medium low with the lid cracked for twenty minutes. Cook egg noodles as per package instructions. It should look like this.
When pasta has finished cooking drain into colander and add to pot.
Give it a good stir, partially cover with lid, and reduce heat to simmer.
After ten or fifteen minutes it should look like this.
Cook longer if you want less sauce but this looks pretty good to me.


  1. Looks and sounds great. Maybe this winter you will make it for me?? :)

  2. Marc's favorite... .will make it this week! Thanks!