Friday, April 23, 2010

If The Sun Won't Come to You, Sometimes You Have To Go To The Sun

We have a very limited space with sufficient sunlight to grow many herbs and vegetables. I am constantly moving pots around to take the best advantage of the sun.
Here are 3 rosemary pots, a parsley, 3 basil, and 1 key lime tree. We use a lot of rosemary.
We also have 1 garlic chive and 1 regular chive. No where to grow tomato plants right? Wrong! Put 'em on the roof!

These guys I grew from the seeds of an ugly ripe tomato. They probably won't have time to mature before it gets too hot but I'm going to try anyway.
Here's what their Mama looked like.
These are tasty but very expensive like all tomatoes right now. This winter was terrible for crops in Florida. Too bad you cannot get these outside of Florida. See why here:

UPDATE. The above pics were taken last week. Here are today's pics.
I transplanted the little guys into individual pots of three. The best growers of all these will get to move on to a big pot.
These are better boys.Won't be long now.
This grape tomato bush is loaded. There are already at least 20 tomatoes on it. Some of them are ready to turn.
This guy keeps the tree rats at bay!


  1. The tomato plants are HUGE since the last time I looked at them! We'll be eating them in no time.

  2. Hope they ripen before the heat gets too bad. I would love to partake of them. :)

  3. The plants look fantastic - especially the herbs! But I'm more concerned about the tree rat. Good job, Gus!